Undergraduate program

BA Humanities and Sustainability (BAHS)

BA Humanities and Sustainability (BAHS) is the Faculty of Humanities’ brand-new undergraduate program that has been designed to develop in students necessary practical and professional skills for a complex and rapidly changing world. All courses and extra-curricular activities in the program are in English and the program welcomes both national and international students. It will start accepting new students in the end of December 2021 for the 2022 academic year!

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Minor in Global Cultures and Citizenship

To thrive in the global labour market today, graduates need to understand and to be able to engage effectively with the cultural differences of various societies in the world. The Integrative Center for Humanities Innovation offers a “Minor in Global Cultures and Citizenship” for CMU undergraduate students. The courses, which have their foundational principles in various humanistic subjects, allow students to master the cultural practices and the humanistic art forms of people in global societies. Students will get to develop their global communication skills in these courses since they are completely taught in English. Global citizenship starts from learning through global language! 

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