The Integrative Center

For BAHS Students

BAHS Courses being offered in 2/2022 semester
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Course enrollment structure

In completing the degree, BAHS students are required to enroll in courses in these five catagories:  
1) General Education 2) BAHS Core 3) BAHS Elective 4) Foreign Language and 5) Free Elective.  

Suggested study plan

Although students can choose to study the courses in various catagories, they are suggested to follow this study plan, so that they can graduate within 4 years.

BAHS courses and prerequisite mapping

Most of BAHS courses (Core and Elective) are structued in three levels; 200, 300, and 400-level courses.  

➵ The 200-level courses are the foundations of the various humanistic discplines and their theoretical significances.  
➵ The 300-level courses are the applications of the various humanistic disciplines in specific contexts. The 300-level courses have "prerequisites" that are 200-level courses. 
➵ The 400-level courses are the courses that allow students to work on their own, to have hand-on experiences, or to apply the comprehensive knowledge to overcome problems. Most of the 400-level courses have "prerequisites" that are 200-level courses. However, only 3rd and 4th year-students can enroll in 400-level courses, as they require a little bit of academic experiences in the humanistic fields.  

Updated on 18 July 2022. Effective for the class of 65